Korea Proxy Service

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Korea Proxy Purchase (Online only)

We provide assistance in purchasing from all Korea online websites, Bunjang, purchases through filling forms such as Witchform, and also apply for Videocall and Fansign event through online only.

Service fee:

We accept payment in USD only.
Rate is 1 USD = 1100 - 1180 won (bank transfer rate)

Service   Commission fee

Online websites

Non-Warehouse member: USD$3 /checkout

Warehouse member: No fee

Buying from personal sellers (Bunjang, Twitter)*

Non-Warehouse member: USD$3 / post

Warehouse member: USD$2 / post

Buying from personal sellers (Joongonara)*

Non-Warehouse member: USD$4 / post

Warehouse member: USD$2 / post

* Additional requests (photo proof of purchased items, asking for additional purchases not stated initially, enquiry request, etc) + USD$1 per request

 For Example:

1 online checkout total order value is 100,000won,
Total payable amount: 
(100,000 won : 1120) + $3 commission = $92.29

1 Bunjang/Twitter post total order value is 80,000won,
Total payable amount: 
(80,000 won : 1100 + $1) + $3 commission = $76.73

Payment method
USD ONLY  (Wise/Paypal F&F) 

1. Send me link, quantities & how you are going to pay
2. I will inform you the total payable amount 
3. Send me payment
4. Purchase will be made and picture proof will be sent to you

 Please Note:
- If order are quick to sold out, please enquire for time availability to purchase the items afterwhich, send final order list and payment at least 1 day before start of sales 
- For payment via Paypal, only full refund can be given, no partial refund. Hence do let us know if you want to proceed with the order if parts of the items are out of stock. If yes, the balance of sold out item money can keep as balance for future use. 

- Full payment has to be made first for all request and orders. In the event items are sold out, refund will be given (no partial refund, either full refund or keep the rest as balance for future use) 

- May not be able to proceed if product has limit purchase quantity, first come first served purchase.

- Please kindly wait for payment instructions before sending and payment. Amount sent that is not as per communicated will be refunded back. For any payment accidentally sent via PAYPAL G&S, your payment will be refunded immediately.

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