Korea Warehouse/Forwarding Service

Kindly read all information carefully. You may register here

Worldwide shipping by EMS, UPS, QDelivery
Registration for address & your code: USD$10 (ONE TIME PAYMENT ONLY)

➡️ 30 Days free storage, USD$1/day after 
- Unlimited parcels
- Countdown from 1st arrival
- Reset after ship out request 

➡️ Upon arrival
- Open box when arrived + send you photo: Free
- Open envelope to show content: USD$1/envelope (we only send you picture of the top envelope if does not request for this)  

➡️Handling Fee 
(We consolidate everything, handling fee is based on the final box size)
Box 1. (22x19x9) : USD$11.20
Box 2. (27x18x15) : USD$21.80
Box 3. (34x25x21) : USD$27.60
Box 4. (41x31x28) : USD$36.40
Box 5. (48x38x34) : USD$43
Box 6. (54x39x34) : USD$47.80
Box 7. (52x48x40) : USD$56.30
Box 8. (59x45x53) : USD$64.50
Box 9. (72x48x40) : USD$69.20

✨50% off repackage fee if request shipment within 1 week from 1st parcel arrival (only applies for box 3-9)

➡️ Additional Request
1. Unsealing albums: $1/album (please request when the parcel arrives)

2. Applying own delivery (QDELIVERY)
Box 1&2 (+ USD$5 handling fee)
Box 3&4 (+ USD$8 handling fee)
Box 5-7 (+ USD$10 handling fee)
*(50% off repackage fee deal does not applies) 

➡️ Basic payment (without any additional service):
Handling fee + shipping fee 

➡️ Payment Methods
- Wise 
- PayPal F&F 

Please note:
- Any request please inform in advance, (e.g album unsealing) before requesting for ship out. 
- Please make your request carefully, all request made are irreversible and no amendment can be done. All request will be done within a week 
- Upon requesting for ship out and when we send the invoice, kindly make the full payment within 3 days, otherwise, an additional fee of $1 will incurred for each day after.
- We have videos taken but it is not offered to you. In case of any discrepancies, please send us an full unboxing video (waybill must be visible in SEALED box from start and no edit throughout) within 7 days from receiving the parcel, we will not entertain any request without the mentioned terms.
- We are not responsible for any loss, damage or tax issue. Please find out clearly on your country's custom and taxes on yourself.

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