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Please read carefully before making your purchase

Are the Photocards/album inclusions real and official?
All photocards/album inclusions sold on Kpocashop are 100% official and authentic, inclusions are first-hand from albums (contributed to Korea's official music chart) and bought from official Korea website.

Standard photocards condition
All photocards are generally in good condition, however kindly note that ‘manufactured defects’, or the way it’s stacked in the album are all beyond our control and cannot be reason for exchange or refunds. We do not check and inspect condition under lighting.

Album inclusion - All inclusions were sleeved as it was immediately upon unsealing from the packaging/album. We only check and inspect for major defect such as bent corners as 'defective' reason only and we do not sell any product that comes with the mentioned 'defective' reason.
For printed materials eg. pc or postcard, imprints, scratches, press marks, etc. that comes from manufacturing, or the way it was packed in albums, are not subject to exchange or refunds. 

Sealed/Sleeved Photocards directly from website - Kindly note that for bonus photocard as gift that comes sealed/sleeved directly from website, we will not be unsealing/taking it out at all. In this case it will be sleeved/sealed as pictured on the product page. The above mentioned applies here and are not subject to exchange or refunds. 
In the case of a bonus photo card as a gift, imprinting and scratches, ink splashes, warping, printing dust, and back defects that can only be identified by light reflection cannot be a reason for exchange or return. (Standard policy from Korea websites)




Preparation: Upon receiving your order, it will be ship out within 3-5 working days.

Most 1st tier(Lowest) shipping cost (Photocards,Postcard - paper item) can include roughly up to

- Photocard-sized: 30qty

- Postcard-sized: 10qty

Shipping option (Trackable):

(Singapore) Singpost, Qxpress, ParknParcel

(Worldwide) Singpost, DHL, FedEx International Priority

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